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Fake a screenprint

Over the last year, I've really fallen in love with the process of printmaking. Of course, printmaking equipment and materials do not come cheap, so here's a trick I learned back in high school on how to "screenprint" a shirt (or any fabric). With this trick, there's an infinite amount of projects you can do--- monograms, shirts, totes, etc!


What you'll need: 

-freezer paper (the kind that's waxy only on one side) 

-x-acto knife


-fabric paint

-sponge brush



First, I found a pattern I liked. Since it's summer, I chose the ever popular pineapple. Draw out your design onto the papery side of the freezer paper. I went over it again in pen to make the design clearer for myself before moving on to the next step.


Carefully cut out the parts of the design that you want painted. Remember to leave 'bridges' if you are cutting pieces that need to be connected or next to each other, otherwise it will be difficult to place small loose pieces of freezer paper in the following step. This is basically like creating a stencil for yourself.


Once you have finished cutting out the design, place the paper onto the piece of fabric you are printing on. I chose an iPad mini case I made a few weeks ago. Then, with the waxy part facing down, iron the paper onto the fabric. With delicate fabrics, you should place an extra piece of cloth between the iron and the paper so the heat isn't too intense. After ironing, the paper should be stuck onto your designated fabric.


Now take your sponge brush and dab your fabric paint onto the surface. Dabbing is more efficient than brushing because you won't risk peeling the paper off accidentally, and you also get the paint into the threads of the fabric so you avoid any white spots. It took me 2-3 passes to get complete coverage. For thinner fabrics, you should place a board behind the fabric so you don't risk getting paint on unwanted areas behind it. Also, acrylic paint works just as well if you do not plan on washing it, or do not need it to be soft and flexible.


Wait for it to dry a bit, then carefully peel off the paper, and you should see the final product!

Have fun everyone! Get crafty :P