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Lychee Hibiscus Sparkling Lemonade

Summer!! The perfect time for spending plenty of time with family, friends, and the sun. While I've been stuck indoors for the majority of the past month, I found some time to make an improvized summer lemonade today using leftovers from a popsicle recipe. Here it is!




-1 lemon

-handful of lychee

-passion hibiscus tea


-ginger ale or sprite


Add, substitute, or take out whatever ingredients you'd like. I added a lotttt of sugar to the tea while it was hot to counter the sourness from the lemons. Peel the lychees and remove the seeds. Slice a few thin slices off the lemon for garnish later, and squeeze the rest into your blender. Pop the lychees and tea into the blender and blend away! Blend more or less depending on how chunky you want the lychee bits to be. Pour into cups, add the soda, garnish with the lemon slices, and drizzle with honey! Enjoy! :)