Grace Lee was born and raised in the Bay Area and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with degrees in Art Practice and Psychology. She is a visual designer and illustrator with a penchant for travel, fashion, and food.

About My Work

My art heavily focuses on the realms of being a child, specifically how they think and create new worlds in their minds. I believe that age should not be an obstacle in enjoying what is deemed to be “for children”, and being able to revisit the creative freedom of our own childhood is an important aspect of my work. 

My previous works have explored different mediums ranging from sculptures to paintings, most of them sharing the common theme of viewing the world from a child's perspective. Through a child’s lens, the world has infinite possibilities—it can be frightening, magical, or even frustrating. However, with all the inspiring aspects of childhood also comes the desire to protect its fragility and innocence.

My current work in visual design combines aspects of concept art and simple aesthetics into the realm of user-facing products. On the side, I continue to illustrate iconic pop culture (and film/book) influences in a personal project called dailyswoodles.